"Firsts" for the Ocicat in CFA 

The First Ocicat, Tonga (click picture to see the 1965 catalog cover)

bred from a Siamese, CH Whitehead Elegante Sun out of

Dalai She, a hybrid of Abysinnian and Siamese

The Ocicat was accepted for CFA Championship Status for the 1987 show season.

First Ocicat Grands

GRC Dalai Golden Cavaliar, September 1987, male

GRC Ociville Chocolate Surpise, March 1988, female

First Grands By Color

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GRC Dalai Golden Cavaliar of Ociville
GRC Ociville Chocolate Surprise of Kayzie
GRC Osigatti Paka Fortune of Gemlou
GRC Cinnful Nutmeg
GRC/GP Gemlou Rusty Sunset of Lovedots
GRC Aruby Quantum of Chinacat
GRC Chiisai's Omacha San
GRP Gemlou Tawny Tiger
ebony silver
GRC Gogees Caddaric of Runestone

GRC Ridgemount Melody

GP Saga Paleface

chocolate silver

GRC Saga Riverboat Gambler
GRC Cinnful Front Paige
cinnamon silver
GC Tigrina's Gibson
GRP Lovedots Tropical Storm
GRC Saga Blue Danube of Kayzie
GRC Keeleycats Range Rover
GRC Wrentree Purpl Peepl Etr of Les Joy
GC Ocicountry Rukwa of PikesPeak
blue silver
GC Maradot's Gainsborough
lavender silver
GRC Magicspots Andromeda
GP Keltoi's Twin Peaks of Dilettante
fawn silver
GRC Lovedots Sir Lance-a-Dot

First Double Grand GC/GP Lotsaocidots Four Play. He was also the first one show grand.

The Ocicat color classes were first separated into tawny, cinnamon, chocolate, silver and dilute for the 1993-94 show season. Previously, all colors were shown in the same class.

First Best of Breed Ocicats

The first CFA Best Ocicat was GC (BW) Osigatti Sir Love-a- Dot


The first CFA Best female Ocicat was GC (BW, RW) GP Kayzie's Dreammaker of Echoesofmaja, DM


The first Best of Breed Silver Ocicat was GC, RW Rabeau's Daisy Delite.

Use by Ocicat breeders of the Abyssinian as an outcross was extended in 1994 to 2005.

First Regional Winning Ocicats


First Ocicat male in Championship

GRC (RW) Ociville Machiatto of Wrentree, DM

GRC (RW) Gogees Caddaric of Runestone (same year)

First Ocicat female in Championship

GRC (RW) Kayzie's Dreammaker of EchoesofMaja, DM


First Ocicat in Kitten

GRC (RW) Cinnful's Encore


First Ocicat in Premiership

GP (RW) Luvadots Chocolate Moose

The tail tip became the determination of cat color for the 1997 show season.

First CFA Distinguished Merit Ocicats

First CFA Ocicat DM female was CH, GP Cinnful's Treasure, DM October, 1989


First CFA Ocicat DM male was GC, RW Ociville Macchiato of Wrentree, DM


First CFA solid Ocicat DM was Cinnful Sensation of Lotsaocidots, DM May 1991

First CFA Silver Ocicat DM was CH Maradot Ink ADink Ado, DM


First CFA dilute Ocicat DM was CH Auxarcs Lavender Blue Dilly-Dilly, DM

First CFA Ocicat DM for a classic patterned Ocicat was Ocicountry Cinnamon Zande


First CFA ticked Ocicat DM was Aldrin's Irish Coffee of Low Country, DM

The Ocicat color classes were further separated into tawny, cinnamon, chocolate, dilute, ebony silver, cinnamon silver, chocolate silver and dilute silver for the 2002 show season.

First CFA National Winning Ocicats

First CFA Ocicat (Top 25) was GC, NW Cinnful's Chivas of Starspots.
First Female Ocicat was GC, NW Wildtracks Millenium Moon.

First Ocicat Kitten was GC, NW Saga Naked Gun.

First Ocicat to win CFA Kitten of the Year, GC NW Wild Rain Firewater of DotDotDot
First Ocicat Premier is GP, NW Wild Rain Proud as a Peacock
The proposed extension of the Abyssinian outcross for the Ocicat was approved by the CFA Board of Directors in February, 2003. The Abysinnian may now be used as an outcross and the offspring registered as an Ocicat until January 1, 2015.
Many thanks to Barb Stewart of Auxarcs Ocicats for her contribution to the history of the Ocicat.

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