Living with an Ocicat

Domestic in breeding, the Ocicat's personality is anything but wild. Devoted to its human family, the Ocicat shows attributes including fetching, walking on a leash and harness, coming to its name,and a willingness and ability to be trained. These attributes are more similar to dogs than most people's impressions of cats.

Most Ocicat owners will say that looks attracted them to the breed, but the personality kept them. Many now own non-spotted varieties such as the classic tabby, ticked tabby or solid ghost-spotted as pets.

The short, sleek coat is easy to groom, making the Ocicat an easy care pet. The Ocicat has no known inherited health issues, so with a quality diet, they are likely to live a long life. Their strong, muscular body means they are athletic and playful, lots of fun for an active household but affectionate enough for more quiet ones as well.

The Ocicat's WILD look, easy adaptability to other animals, need to be with their owner, easy care and general good health have made the Ocicat a popular addition to any household.


Many thanks to Barb Stewart of Auxarcs Ocicats for her contribution to the history of the Ocicat.

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