CFA National Winning Ocicats


The Ocicat has not had a National Winner in every year, but these are the cats, listed by year, that have earned enough points to achieve a spot in the national top 25 cats of all breeds in CFA. "K" indicates as a kitten. "P" indicates as a premier.





1991-92 GC, NW Cinnful Chivas of Starspots
1992-93 GC, NW EchoesofMaja Running Bear of Saga
1993-94 GC, NW Saga Mouse Rustler

GC, NW Saga Diamond Rio


GC, NW Alspots Desert Storm of Timberwild

GC, NW(K) Saga Naked Gun

GC, NW Rabeau's Sunny Delite
GC, NW Ociopia Godzuki of Saga
GC, NW(P) Wild Rain Proud as a Peacock
2000-2001 GC, NW Wild Rain Fire Storm
2001-2002 GC, BW, NW Wildtracks Millenium Moon
GC, BW, NW Wildtracks Millenium Mystic
GC, NW(K) Wild Rain Firewater of DotDotDot

GC, NW CN-Spots Jacare of Tribal
GC, NW Wild Rain Distant Drum of DotDotDot (CH/K)

GC, NW DotDotDot's Bugatti
GC, NW Morai Wedjat
GC, NW Tribal Kambara Puku of Spots O-Lot
GC, NW (K) Wildtracks Sunquest of Ocigatos
GP, NW (P) Mosu's Gray Shadow


GC, BW, NW (CH/K) DotDotDot's Stradiavarious

GC, BW, NW Sunstone Knubi of Sweetmewsic
GC, NW (K) DotDotDot Thunderbolt
GP, NW (P) Ocigatos Meritage of Wildtracks
GP, NW (K) Sunstone Five for Fighting
GC, GP, NW (P) Sunstone Serengeti
2008-2009 GC, NW, BW Sweetmewsic Heatwave
2009-2010 GP, NW (P) DotDotDot's Ditto of Laurenden


Many thanks to Barb Stewart of Auxarcs Ocicats for her contribution to the history of the Ocicat.

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