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 TICA EOY 2003
Kittens (12)
Rank Name Region Score
1Sunstone Abracadabra SW7807
2Sunstone Serengeti Heat SW6600
3Sunstone Purple Rain SW3111
4Chisholmtrail Thunderwalker SW1011
5Karrlan's Dances With Wolves SW991
6Feline Cafe Latte SW939
7Chisholmtrail Rolling Thunder SW766
8Karrklan's Chocolate Chip SW723
9Pikespeak Don Francisco GP653
10Ammycrystal Melody AA508
11Dreamsong's Naoise SE199
12Chisholmtrail Ice A Hoppin GP4
Championship Cats (21)
Rank Name Region Score
1Sunstone Abracadabra SW11240
2Sunstone Serengeti Heat SW4700
3Ociopia Solon Is Mine of FukumanekiAA3023
4Copain Aile AA2679
5Feline Cafe Latte SW1423
6Chisholmtrail Thunderwalker SW1402
7Chisholmtrail's Lilith of DreamsongSE708
8Chisholmtrail Rolling Thunder SW527
9Ocicountry Ignacio of Pikespeak GP497
10Karrklan's Dances With Wolves SW327
11Ociopia Muse of Fukumaneki AA261
12Awesome Boogie Woogie SW253
13Ammycrystal Melody AA197
14Ocicountry Razmataz SW191
15TFeline's Little Dipper SW145
15TChisholmtrail Wild Phouka SW145
17Tassajara Neon Dancer SW130
18Karrklan's Chocolate Chip SW20
19Lotsospots Ciar Diamond SW7
20TTassajara Rocky Road SW1
20TChisholmtrail Every A Thing A Nice SW1
Alters (3)
Rank Name Region Score
1Dotdotdot Serangeti Sun of Catspen GP1940
2Dotdotdot Pepper of Pikespeak GP361
3Alspots Rock A Fella SE269

Many thanks to Barb Stewart, Auxarcs Ocicats for her significant contribution to this history of the Ocicat.

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