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 TICA EOY 2006
Kittens (17)
Rank Name Region Score
1Chisholmtrail Tierney SW2427
2Chisholmtrail Cinnabuns SW2124
3Karrklan Silver Nugget SW1773
4Salatana Sisco Kid EN1030
5Kiras Resolution of Paradisecats SW839
6Donamaeocicats Nettie SE507
7Pikespeak Dona Alejandra GP428
8Fukumaneki Adventure Jo Jo AA402
9Chisholmtrail Fiery Starr SW338
10TPikespeak Don Miguel GP289
10TChisholmtrail Riordan SW289
12Chisholmtrail Codename Honey Bunch SW279
13Chisholmtrail Wildheart of JuliecatEN219
14Thickthorn Molly Molasses EN106
15TChisholmtrail Sunset of Juliecat EN0
15TSunstone Watusi of Laughingcat/Cf SW0
15TKarrklan Bridget of Donamaeocicats SW0
Championship Cats (24)
Rank Name Region Score
1Sunstone Sierra Leone of Pikespeak GP5541
2Fukumaneki The Elf Archer AA3076
3Karrklan Hershal Manfred SW2873
4Chisholmtrail Cinnabuns SW2259
5Chisholmtrail Fiery Starr SW1685
6Sunstone Seance SW1379
7Fukumaneki Adventure Jo Jo AA1253
8Karrklan Silver Nugget SW1042
9Sunstone Jwahir of Chisholmtrail SW828
10Hotspotocis Windfire SW404
11Openrangeocis Jesse James NW369
12Karrklan Lavender Lucky SW368
13Thickthorn Molly Molasses EN345
14Thickthorn Michaelmasdaisy EN203
15Sunstone Fancy of Chisholmtrail SW191
16Ammycrystal Puck AA166
17Kiras Resolution of Donamaeocicats SW20
18Donamaeocicats Chocolate Bandit SW9
19Capatan Marvel of Donamaeocicats SW7
20TSunstone Deja Voodoo SW0
20TChisholmtrail Sunset of Juliecat EN0
20TChisholmtrail Bellatrix SW0
20TSunstone Witchy Woman SW0
20TThickthorn Cuscus EN0
Alters (6)
Rank Name Region Score
1Pikespeak Don Miguel GP1061
2Pikespeak Don Jose Canela GP963
3Pikespeak Desert Son Bydand GP361
4Wildtracks Arctic Sunspots SE322
5Pikespeak Tobias Zebulin Glen GP1
6Dotdotdot Lion Puzzle of KatteycasaGL0

Many thanks to Barb Stewart, Auxarcs Ocicats for her significant contribution to this history of the Ocicat.

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