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 TICA EOY 2007
Kittens (32)
Rank Name Region Score
1Juliecat RumbaEN5473
2Pikespeak Don FernandoSW3087
3Chisholmtrail FieroSW2692
4Chisholmtrail SpitfireSW2339
5Pikespeak Silver LiningSW2185
6Auxarcs If I Could Turn Back TimeGL2021
7Pikespeak PepeSW1672
8Thickthorn Lotus BlossomEN1573
9Pikespeak PicassoSW933
10Chisholmtrail BotanybayNE594
11Salatana Sisco KidEN593
12Sunstone The Heat Is OnGL580
13Pikespeak FedericaSW527
14Chisholmtrail RiordanSW471
15Chisholmtrail Silver CharmSW303
16Pikespeak Don QuijoteSC253
17Pikespeak Tucker Theodore RafikiSW199
18Abbysangels Lucky 4 YouMA170
19Auxarcs Take Me HomeGL169
20Karrklan CourtneySW121
21Karrklan Cacin SydrickSW18
22Karrklan Cacin Rudee ValentinoSW10
23Abbysocicats Shawn of Abbysangel/CfMA3
24Ozarkcavern Crome JunkieSE1
25TSunstone Serengeti-of-Chocolated/CfSW0
25TSunstone Heat Wave of SalatanaSW0
25TKarrklan Talladega Knight R BobbySW0
25TChisholmtrail Snow ChiefSW0
25TOpenrangeocis Cloud WalkerNW0
25TJuliecat TangoEN0
25TJuliecat SalsaEN0
25TFukumaneki PotpourriAA0
Championship Cats (22)
Rank Name Region Score
1Chisholmtrail FieroSW8987
2Salatana Sisco KidEN4148
3Pikespeak Don FernandoSW3798
4Juliecat RumbaEN3282
5Auxarcs JacksonGL2375
6Chisholmtrail TierneySW1865
7Thickthorn Molly MolassesEN1724
8Sunstone SerengetiSW1711
9Pikespeak Silver LiningSW1686
10Sunstone Heat Wave of SalatanaEN1397
11Karrklan Hershal ManfredSW1145
12Karrklan Cacin SydrickSW696
13Chisholmtrail Sunset of JuliecatEN481
14Chisholmtrail SpitfireSW376
15Abbysangels Lucky 4 YouMA348
16Fukumaneki PotpourriAA291
17Rockn' Spots Runnin With The Dev/CfGL260
18Openrangeocis Jesse JamesNW5
19TChisholmtrail Silver CharmSW0
19TWickenridge ZizaNW0
19TAbbysocicats Shawn of Abbysangel/CfMA0
19TChisholmtrail Wildheart of JuliecatEN0
Alters (12)
Rank Name Region Score
1Chisholmtrail RiordanSW10163
2Pikespeak PicassoSW5533
3Wildtracks Arctic SunspotsSE2443
4Pikespeak Don MiguelSW1037
5Dotdotdot Serangeti Sun of CatspenSW678
6Pikespeak Don Jose CanelaSW553
7Chisholmtrail KimbaMP485
8Chisholmtrail BotanybayNE282
9Ocicountry Ignacio of PikespeakSW170
10TPikespeak Tucker Theodore RafikiSW0
10THotspotocis Dandilion RarSW0
10TLotsospots Nute of CatsouksGL0

Many thanks to Barb Stewart, Auxarcs Ocicats for her significant contribution to this history of the Ocicat.

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