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 TICA EOY 2008
Kittensns (26)
Rank Name Region Score
1Chisholmtrail Starr Struck SW5958
2Salatana Cocoloco EN5699
3Chisholmtrail Fire Storm SW5300
4Chisholmtrail Firebrand SW5272
5Chisholmtrail Bridin SW4464
6Calumetcats Tiago GL2214
7Sunstone United 93 of Pikespeak SW2122
8Thickthorn Lotus Blossom EN1789
9Fukumaneki Hanna Fullbloom AA1665
10Lumo Ainomieli EN1332
11Auxarcs Chance Play of Calumetcats GL1288
12Salatana Bruno EN710
13Pikespeak Diamante Azul SW698
14Pikespeak Dona Isabel SW674
15Juliecat Sweet As Chocolate EN553
16Thickthorn Vanilla Pod EN412
17Chisholmtrail Bodes Silver GHSTTWN SW368
18Salatana Slinky Sue EN327
19Chisholmtrail Dragon Fire SW326
20TKarrklan Flash Gordon SW217
20TKarrklan Chips Missy SW217
22Salatana Polka EN171
23Abbysangels Lizzis Lil Wild Thing MA103
24Chisholmtrail Noni of Karrklan SW10
25Chisholmtrail Smoke N Embers SW4
26Salatana Melissa EN0
Championshiphip Cats (26)
Rank Name Region Score
1Sunstone Heat Wave of Salatana EN12923
2Chisholmtrail Bridin SW9260
3Fukumaneki Hanna Fullbloom AA6649
4S*junglespots Desert Wind/Fi SW2604
5Pikespeak Dona Guadalupe SW2099
6Pikespeak Dona Isabel SW1604
7Karrklan Cacin Sydrick SW1331
8Juliecat Rumba EN1187
9Karrklan Cacin Rudee Valentino SW930
10Donamaeocicats Bumper Crop SW752
11Tribal Mountain Grown of Salatan/Cf EN621
12Abbysangels Lucky 4 You MA545
13Chisholmtrail Starr Struck SW524
14Salatana Cocoloco EN466
15Sunstone Fancy of Chisholmtrail SW393
16Abbysangels Lizzis Lil Wild Thing MA86
17Fukumaneki Marshmallow AA85
18Chisholmtrail Noni of Karrklan SW15
19TChisholmtrail Dancin W Angels Blboy MA6
19TKarrklan Chips Missy SW6
21Donamaeocicats Cosmic Spots Dax MA3
22TChisholmtrail Sunset of Juliecat EN0
22TJuliecat Sweet As Chocolate EN0
22TChisholmtrail Dragon Fire SW0
22THotspotocis Patti of Ganges MA0
22TAbbysangels Angels Among Us MA0
Alters (10)
Rank Name Region Score
1Chisholmtrail Fiery Starr SW3946
2Chisholmtrail Botanybay NE1287
3Pikespeak Peyton SC1056
4Chisholmtrail Bodes Silver GHSTTWN SW861
5Pikespeak Diamante Azul SW807
6Chisholmtrail Kimba MP520
7Juliecat Tango EN82
8Pikespeak Lila SW2
9TWildtracks Arctic Sunspots SE0
9TPikespeak Tucker Theodore Rafiki SW0

Many thanks to Barb Stewart, Auxarcs Ocicats for her significant contribution to this history of the Ocicat.

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