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 TICA EOY 2010
Kittens (22)
Rank Name Region Score
1Salatana Edward EW6939
2Catiators Airrace of Pirateslair SE6499
3Chisholmtrail Star Power SW5118
4Chisholmtrail Power Burst SW5038
5Salatana Evelyn EW4538
6Chisholmtrail Miroku of Kitti Kat MP4531
7Pikespeak Wally Harski Jr SW3830
8Pikespeak Daniel SW3539
9Jucha's Pistol/CF SE3390
10Chisholmtrail Starburst SW3119
11Chisholmtrail Spin Play SW2910
12Pikespeak Lorelei SW2639
13Salatana Harrison EW1089
14Salatana Herbie EW1051
15Blackwater Angel of Jucha/CF SE503
16Jumpnspots Feona Gold of Dynamicat SW223
17Chisholmtrail Fire Frost SW178
18Karrklan Snowman SW15
19TChisholmtrail Dante of Freya MP14
19TChisholmtrail Fenris of Freya MP14
21Karrklan Sonofchip SW11
22Mango Tango's Purple Rain/CF SE1

Championship Cats (20)
Rank Name Region Score
1Catiators Airrace of Pirateslair SE11271
2Pikespeak Daniel SW9577
3Chisholmtrail Miroku of Kitti Kat MP8266
4Salatana Evelyn EW6805
5Salatana Edward EW4092
6Chisholmtrail Starburst SW3906
7Catiators Shameless of Midnite M/CF GL3043
8Pikespeak Dona Sofia SW2930
9Salatana Mungo EW2714
10Chisholmtrail Star Power SW2454
11Karrklan Silver Cali SW1247
12Sunstone Power Play SW1085
13Jumpnspots Athena Magic SW601
14Chisholmtrail Gracie Mae SW592
15Fukumaneki Panthere AA498
16Avallach's Royal Touch/FI EN495
17Karrklan Sonofchip SW480
18Cosmicspots Duma Roo SW400
19Donamaeocicats Bumper Crop SW19
20Karrklan Snowman SW12
Alters (13)
Rank Name Region Score
1Salatana Digby EW10057
2Chisholmtrail Fire Storm SW8788
3Salatana Algernon EW4046
4Pikespeak Plum Loco SW3949
5Chisholmtrail Bridin SW2096
6Fukumaneki Chocha AA1370
7Chisholmtrail Hey There Delilah MA1250
8Salatana Herbie EW1232
9Pikespeak Peyton SC1093
10Salatana Harrison EW571
11Karrklan Cacin Sydrick SW8
12Chisholmtrail Botanybay MA3
13Windhaven Yodaebony of Dynamicat SW1

Many thanks to Barb Stewart, Auxarcs Ocicats for her significant contribution to this history of the Ocicat.

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