Exhibiting and Breeding Ocicats

If you think you'd like to breed Ocicats, reputable breeders recommend that you acquire an altered Ocicat to show and see if you enjoy showing (and owning) an Ocicat first. It allows you to establish a relationship with a breeder, and lets him/her get to know you as well. An ethical breeder does not place intact cats with people not well-informed about the serious issues involved in breeding cats. Particularly, a new breeder should have an experienced mentor. See more information about the CFA Mentor program, . TICA also has a Mentor program, but you do have to be a member of TICA. http://www.tica.org/members/mentorship.php

Breeding cats is not a profitable venture. It is a hobby, and like most hobbies, is very expensive. The expenses will always be more than the income in the long run. Because cats, unlike pack animals, are vulnerable to a wide variety of illness, vet care is a primary expense. In addition, breeding can have its own expenses, with c-sections, kitten illness, and at least vaccinations and spay and neuter of kittens before placement.

Because Ocicats mature early (as early as 4 months), they often require special housing. Female cats as well as males will mark and even spray urine on your belongings and even your family members. Female cats cycle every 21 days, meaning they will yowl and posture often. Keeping an Ocicat intact for that "one litter" is consequently very impractical as intact cats do not make good pets. Let your children watch the "miracle of life" on tv.

However, if you are sincerely interested in preserving the Ocicat, and interested in showing, visit a CFA show and introduce yourself to a few breeders. Inquire about an altered Ocicat to show. The CFA show schedule is http://www.cfa.org/client/shows.aspx

Many thanks to Barb Stewart of Auxarcs Ocicats for her contribution to the history of the Ocicat.

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