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Ocicat Rescue is a network of Ocicat fanciers whose goal is to make sure Ocicats everywhere have a forever home.

Fortunately, not many Ocicats need rescuing. Most Ocicat breeders provide contracts that specify the return of an Ocicat if the pet owner's situation changes. However, Ocicat Rescue assists to find new homes if needed.

If you have an Ocicat that you can no longer keep, please

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For information regarding the Ocicat and whether it might be a fit for your household, see:

CFA Breed Profile

Ocicat Rescue maintains a Petfinder website in order to most effectively reach those seeking an Ocicat. Please click the link at the left for more information regarding available cats.


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Many thanks to Barb Stewart, Auxarcs Ocicats for her significant contribution to this history of the Ocicat.

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